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A former fishing village with an special light, wending streets, compact old town and a mellow vibe bohemian spirit, Sitges is not like other Mediterranean hot spots in the Costa Daurada. Well worth the 86-bends of Garraf coast or the train, which made the 35 kms from Barcelona very special.

In the 18th century wealthy traders set up holiday villas, attracting artists and writers looking for inspiration from the azure waters, whitewashed houses and wild landscapes and mansions in the indians modernism colonial villas style appeared everywhere.

In XIX Picasso and his set began chilling out here. Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla

The strategic location of the Sant Bartolomé and Santa Tecla Church is an authentic coastal picture, at the end of the promenade and at the top of the bastion, with two bell towers and the clock. The beautiful 17th century Church homes several Renaissance and Baroque altarpieces and an organ from 1690.

Sitges is well-known for Maricel, Cau Ferrat, The Carnival, Casa Bacardi and its International Fantastic Cinema Festival.

The spectacular Maricel Palace and Cau Ferrat is a lovely museum founded in 1893 by the artist Santiago Rusiñol as a home studio with an important collection of relevant artist of the time. Rusiñol organised activities, transformed Cau Ferrat in the “Modernisme” temple.
The cannon of two of the most important 17th century war sailboats of Europe.
The called “First Spanish Chiringuito beach bar” from 1913 in tribute to the way Cuban sugarcane workers made coffee, with a stocking or sock acting as a filter and the traditional Xató recipe, a fresh salad with escarole, anchovies, cod and olives, covered with an almond and hazelnut sauce.

We will visit : Maricel Palace, Cau Ferrat Museum, the Old town, Casa Bacardi in Mercat Vell de Sitges, Bartolomé and Santa Tecla Church, es Baluard, and the rest of the most stunning beauties while enjoying the special atmosphere and try its products.


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