Sicily 2




4 days

Vines have been grown here for more than 2,500 years and rare vintage wines are among Sicily’s true treasures.
Sicily is the largest mediterranean island and there is a great variety of vineyards and wines on this beautiful island with around 19 appellations DOCG and DOC and the traces of ancient civilizations still linger on the streets.
Accompanied by a fresh and rich gastronomy, especially in fish and cheeses, all its baroque architecture speak of its rebirth. The island is brilliantly surrounded by the sky, sun and an emerald sea and a trip to this corner of Sicily provokes deep sensations, it is like passing the edge of time and traveling thousands of years back.
According to Goethe: “Sicily is the key to everything! The responsible that the images are engraved in the souls ” and Julius Norwich describes it as “One of the most diverse and interesting islands in the world”.
Nearby paradise and fire of the Mediterranean.
This Eno-Gastronomic trip to Sicily, will make you fall-in-love with the Etna wine region, through one of the most magical places and visites. Here, the Authentic, still exists!

Visiting : The Francis Ford Coppola ‘Godfather’ idyllic sceneries nestled between the majestic landscape of Mount Etna and the blue Ionian Sea, through an special hotel & chef, while doing 2 special wine tastings & cultural visits in the area.


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