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Miravet and its neighbour Benifallet are impressing. Small, far away from everything, but definitely ‘ a must’.

From VII til 17th Century ‘Miravet-foot-of-the-castle-main-street’ adapted to the rock was a Muslim farmhouse, with its panoramic view, typology of its narrow streets and porches, the oil mill and pottery varnish. The Old Church magnificent Renaissance temple, built by the order of the Hospital on the old Arab mosque impresses with its well-proportioned and pure Renaissance style, reminiscent of Brunelleschi’s work, with its original sgraffito and paintings. Miravet Ceramic is internationally famous for their jugs of all sizes, where oil, wine, salt foods, etc. could be stored. Nowadays eight active craftmen and studios, also open to the public with alive shows and workshops, continue, one creating contemporain pottery and the others focused in the traditional style.

The imposing fortress of Miravet Castle, with its 25-meter high wall, dominates the course of the Ebro River and the surrounding lands.Templars between 12th and 13th Centuries has become one of the best examples of Catalan military architecture.

El Pas de la Barca is the last original Ebro River Ferry that still works without an engine, crossing the river only with the current of the water and the mastery of the boatman.

In 1968 a group of Barcelona spelealogists discovered in Benifallet mountains, moret han 8 group coves split with archaeological findings from the Neolithic period of extraordinary beauty as ‘rupestre paintings’ and stunning stalagtites and stalagmites rock formations, called Benifallet Coves, from which only Cova Meravella and Cova del Dos with an aproximately 500 meters itinerary and 45 minutes visit are open.

We will visit : There are different possible combination activities among, climbing to Miravet Castle, The Old Renaissance Church, Banco and Ferreries streets, and visit a Ceramist Pottery studio, kayaking to Benifallet in a ….. journey, to visit The Caves Wonder of Benifallet in the afternoon.


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