Jardins d’en Xifré BCN / Xifre’s Gardens BCN by MontseBCN – 2022

Interview to International Artist : Jordi Prat Pons by MontseBCN – 2022

Els Papers d’una Vida d’Artista / Life Artist’s Papers

Interview to International Pâtissier – Claudi Uñó by MontseBcn – 2021

On-Line Art Eaten!! Nougat Stunning creations!: International Pâtissier.

Interview to International Artist – Ricard Jordà by MontseBcn – 2021

A way of life: Singularity!


Virtual Tour Mataró by MontseBCN – 2021

A piece of Mediterranean: Mataró.


Mataró Emprèn interview MontseBcn – 2021

Interview with Radio La Veu TV.

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