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Palamós is defined by the Sea and famous for its landscapes, beaches, the commercial, sport and cruises port and especially the red Shrimp.

The Sea has written the history of the village and their people, has given meaning and vocation to the trades, character to his cuisine, color and form to this landscape. All here happens around the sea and the fishing activities. The port of Palamós is one of the main seaports in the province of Girona, and has a commercial dimension alongside fisheries, tourism and culture. The Fishing Museum, housed in an former boat shed, is the first museum dedicated to fishing around the Mediterranean and the Fish Marketplace, with the fish auction every evening when the local fishermen arrive. ‘L’Espai del Peix’ teachs alive how to identify, prepare and cook fish in the traditional seafood culinary style. Fishing Tourism is a new experience that involves a day of fishing aboard boats leaving from the Palamós, prawns fishing, crayfish & whitefish fishing and traditional fishing of the highly-valued coastal species such as the blackberry rosefish, scorpionfish, cuttlefish, red mullet using traditional rigging, such as trammel nets, longlines and snoods passed on from one generation to another. We like to mention this because it’s like sacred and in common all our tours have, this veneration and preservation for the nature and the local activities that here is so important. The fisherman respects the species being caught and knows all of its characteristics in detail, including where it lives or moves; always keeping in mind that fishing at sea should be a sustainable career.

With warm summers of fine sand open beaches and hidden coves, to soft springs and romantic autumns with the spectacular red afternoons or the Tramontana winter sea ​​gathering under the sound of the habanera, songs of sailors and fishermen around the warmth of the comforting burnt rum and behind, everywhere, the Empordà. A diverse, peculiar territory, full of life, traditions and history that starts from the Sea and enters the rich and extensive land of wheat, cork oaks, holm oaks.

The old town of Palamós has its origins in the settlement built inside the walls where the inhabitants used to live, fearful of attacks by land and sea either by pirates or through military disputes; the Barri del Pedró filled with the characteristic Mediterranean light, that culminates in the park of the Augustinian Convent of 1568; the S’Alguer cove, a small village by the sea site of National Cultural Interest for its scenic views that used to be a fishing shanty town, and dates back to the fifteenth century; the Iberian village of Castell; the Iberian Castle and ruins; the lighthouse that offers a very special sunset view of the bay and the Gavarres mountains; the Windmill, which was used as an air raid shelter during the Civil War and is fortified on top and the Dolmen of Montagut which dates back to the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age over a tall Palamós mountain.

We will visit : If the weather is good we will do the 1h20m Coast Walk from Cala El Castell, passing the Iberian Castle and S’Alguer cove small village to Palamós, to visit the historical town centre, Santa Maria Church, the Barri del Pedró, Augustinian Convent door, the harbour, Fishing Museum and fishing Market eating in one of the emblematic places, doing just a fresh picnic and a swim, some tapas or visiting an special cellar & winery to wine and food taste.