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Arenys the Mar is a village blessed with all the Mediterranean attractives, from wonderful beaches til Arenys de Munt and the natural border of Serralada de Marina. From the Harbour, practically the only one in Catalonia Fish-and-sportive together with its Fish every afternoon Auction and the excellent lobster’s nursery to its alive Riera and typically Rials with devised itineraries to walk so you can discover some of them following an expressly signposted route. La Riera is the commercial center and hub of all local activity where two rows of ancient bananas shade the sidewalks and give a unique image. These trees are the discreet witnesses of one of the preferred activities of the people of Arenys, strolling up and down the Riera. The port of Arenys is one of the most important on the Catalan coast and its fishing industry moves stil nowadays large part of the economy of the population. The fish that comes from the Arenys fish market is valued throughout Catalonia, especially shrimp.

The large sandy coastline beaches framed by the hills is a prelude to the neighboring Costa Brava. The shipyards, which in the past built a large part of the Catalan commercial fleet that went to America, continue to be an important local industry.

Also one of the richest villages in culture, history, gastronomy and traditions which houses all type of buildings from neoclassical to modernist ‘Indians’ times, an old distillery Calisay, a church with an exceptional Baroque Alterpiece, one of the Lace and Tips more important europe Museum, as well as the Mineralogy one, with an exceptional mineral collection. Climbing to the top of the mountain ‘the Cemetery walk’ and home, it houses the best of the ‘adopted son-of-the-village’, Salvador Espriu, catalan poet and writer and here one of the best open-air collections of the modernism catalan sculptors period. Its restaurants are recognised through the world and its more renowed local products are lobster, Arenys squid, prawns, ‘sonso’ and ‘croquetes’. Every year the town actively participates in various gastronomic events.

We will visit : The Harbour, Modernist Market and Old Calisay factory, The Riera Stately modernist houses and Xifré Hospital, Santa Maria Church, Tip Museum, Mineralogy Museum, Sinera Cemetery, the little fishermen’s streets and the delicatessen products.


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